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Potassium nitrate

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and appearance: Solid. (Crystalline solid.Granular solid.)
Odor: Odorless.
Taste: Cooling, Saline. Pungent.
Molecular Weight: 101.1 g/mole
Color: White.
pH (1% soln/water): 5_6
Boiling Point: Decomposition temperature: 400°C (752°F)
Melting Point: 334°C (633.2°F)
Specific Gravity: 2.109 (Water = 1) @ 16 degrees C
Easily soluble in hot water.Soluble in cold water.Insoluble in diethyl ether. Soluble in liquid ammonia, glycerin, and absolute
alcohol. Solubility in water: 1g/2.8 ml water @ 25 C.; 13.3 g/100 ml water @ 0 C; 1g/0.5 ml boiling water.

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